Month: May 2019

Bad Boyz Bail Bonds Cedartown Ga -Bail Bond Information

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There is a wide variety of Moreno Bonds meeting specific needs, and while the most common application is in the construction industry, even the notorious bail bond is a form of surety. Bail bond information Another type of┬áMoreno┬áBond is the Bail Bond. With this example, the principal is the accused undergoing trial, the creditor is […]

House disturbance – What are the conditions of liability for a crime?

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According to art. 193 of the Penal Code, anyone who breaks into someone else’s house, apartment, premises, room or enclosed area or against the request of the authorized person does not leave such a place, subject to a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to one year. How can a crime of domestic […]

Deposits and Sureties

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In the cases in which for obligations deriving from the law or from a contract, a subject is obliged to constitute a security to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations assumed. Surety guarantees When is a guarantee required? In the event that, for obligations deriving from the law or a contract, a person is required […]