Month: April 2019

Loyalty Bonds – Types of Bonds

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Guarantees to the company the protection of its assets, values ​​and cash money that are its assets, against the possible commission of crimes such as: theft, fraud, abuse of trust and embezzlement committed by officials, employees and public servants who act alone or in complicity with others. TYPES OF BONDS INDIVIDUALS Guarantees only one person […]

Punctual Threat – Conditions of Liability for Crime

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  In today’s entry, we will analyze the principle of liability for a punishable threat – art. 190 § 1 of the Criminal Code. We will answer the question about what a punishable threat is, what are the most common ways of the perpetrators to act and what punishment the person committing threats threatens with. […]

What are the construction bonds? Types, Benefits, disadvantages, functions, Requirements

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Construction bonds are a risk management tool that is used to protect owners and developers of projects. A bond is a legal guarantee to complete the project as expected. In cases where a contractor can not comply, the bond bond will provide some form of restitution to its owner. Although such bonds are not required […]