The personal loan is a type of loan granted to private individuals by banks and specialized financial institutions: the customer receives an unrestricted amount of money, ie that must not be used for the purchase of certain goods or services, which he undertakes to repay in installments over a predetermined period of time. On this sum, the fixed or variable interest and the costs / charges envisaged in the APR will be applied during the repayment period. The APR – Global Effective Annual Rate – determines the actual cost of the loan that the customer must pay to the paying agency in percentage terms. It includes interest, costs and ancillary charges.

Requirements necessary to access an Onecredit loan

Each financial institution has its own rules for evaluating requests for personal loans, always respecting the Bank of Italy directives. Normally anyone with an age between eighteen and seventy can apply: the loan will be granted to those who have an effective repayment capacity, understood as the ability of the subject to return what has been received. A worker will then be required to submit his / her tax return, while for pensioners a pension slip will be required. Can not you prove your repayment capacity? A third person will have to act as guarantor, pledging to pay in the event of default.

What are they?

Onecredit offers a wide range of personal loans so that each client can find what suits his needs. In general, loans are divided into loans for everyday needs and loans for the home.

Loans for everyday needs

  • Credit Express Dynamic : it is a personal loan from Onecredit that you can manage according to your needs through three options. With this loan you can request from a minimum of 2,000 euros up to a maximum of 30,000 euros, which you can return in 24, 36 or 84 months. The maximum APR is 12.39%.
  • Smart Voucher Loan : it is a loan that can be spent at partners affiliated with Onecredit. You can request from a minimum of 200 euros up to a maximum of 30,000 euros, which you can return in 12 or 84 months. Onecredit will give you a personal and non-transferable voucher with which you can purchase up to a maximum of ten goods or services at one of the partner partners. If you use the voucher for an amount lower than what originally agreed, the loan will be reshaped according to your actual needs.
  • Credit Express Easy : this is the loan reserved for those who already have a current account with Onecredit (for at least six months) and with the internet banking service. You can request from 1,000 to 5,000 euros with a fixed fixed rate of 6.90%. The amount will be repayable from 12 to 36 months.
  • CreditExpress Compact : it is ideal for those who want to pay off previous loans, even from other financial institutions. You can request from 2,000 to 50,000 euros repayable from 36 to 120 months. The applied TAN is 10.20% while the APR is 12.39%. Onecredit gives you the possibility to simultaneously stipulate the Creditor Protection life / damage policy which protects you in case of events such as loss of employment.
  • Fifth loan transfer : the loan is repaid to Onecredit directly by the agency that pays your salary. The maximum amount varies according to employment: public employees, private employees and pensioners are distinguished. The repayment goes from 24 to up to 120 months and the installment can be equal to a maximum of 1/5 of the paycheck / pension.

Loans for the home

  • Home loan : dreams of buying a house? Onecredit gives you the opportunity to request from 5,000 to 100,000 euros, repayable in convenient installments from 36 up to 120 months. The rate applied will be fixed for the entire duration of the repayment, and it is also possible to stipulate the Creditor Protection policy.
  • Personal loan restructuring : this loan with a fixed rate of 6.50% can be requested by those who want to renovate a property on the national territory. You can request from 5,000 to 100,000 euros, repayable in installments of 3 to 10 years.

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